Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ATVA Round 2

Natalie and Hetrick on the Podium

Round 2 of the ATVA Motocross Championships was held at Muddy Creek Raceway this past weekend.  The weather held off until the end of the first moto in the pro class, but the rain did not stop the Motoworks team racers.  Natalie took the lead by the third lap but unfortunately slipped out on a corner and fell back to the number two spot leaving the results with Wienen first, Natalie second, and Hetrick in third.  In the second moto, Natalie got a good start leaving him in the top five.  He worked his way up through the competition to the number two spot.  Hetrick started off in fifth place then made his way to second  After a while he dropped back to third place and stayed there all the way until the end of moto two.  Weinen took the overall once again with both moto wins and a great start to his season.

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